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  Key Dates
    5/21 Individual Photos
    5/21 OME Due for 5/26 meet vs Steiner Ranch Blue
    5/25 Meet Set-up @ 6:30 p.m.
    5/26 Swim Meet vs Steiner Ranch Blue (home)
    5/28 No Practice - Memorial Day
    5/28 OME Due for 6/2 meet vs Pflugerville - home
    6/1 Morning Practice Begins
    6/1 Meet Set-up @8:00 p.m.
    6/2 Swim Meet vs Pflugerville(home)
    6/4 OME Due for 6/9 meet vs Forest North (home)
    6/8 Meet Set-up @8:00 p.m.
    6/9 Swim Meet vs Forest North (home)
    6/11 OME Due for 6/9 meet at Round Rock (Away)
    6/12 Swim-A-Thon 6-8:30 pm
    6/15 Meet Set-up @8:00 p.m.
    6/16 Swim Meet vs Round Rock (away)
    6/18 OME Due for 6/23 meet vs Tidal Waves (home)
    6/19 Weather Backup date for Swim-A-Thon
    6/20 Family Night - Round Rock Express Swim Team Night
    6/22 Meet Set-up @8:00 p.m.
    6/23 Swim Meet vs Tidal Waves (home)
    6/25 OME Due for 6/30 Time Trials
    TBA OME Due for 7/7 Divisional Meet
    TBA OME Due for 7/8 Invitational Meet
    6/29 Swim-A-Thon $$ due
    6/29 Meet Set-up @8:00 p.m.
    6/30 WBA Time Trials
    7/4 Wells Branch 4th of July Parade and funfest - No Practice.
    7/5 Awards Night
    7/7 Divisionals (Steiner Ranch)
    7/8 Invitationals - at UT Swim Center
    7/9 Fun Monday - Last Day of Practice
 Captain's Log           by Paul Wadehra, Board President

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Red White & Blue meet. Besides being a lot of fun, the swimmers, coaches, and volunteers did a great job of keeping things running smoothly, and we are good to go for our first dual meet this Saturday, at home against Steiner Ranch Blue.

Two years ago, Steiner Ranch split into two teams, "Red" and "Blue". The Blue team is in our division this year, so we will see them twice, once this Saturday in a dual meet, and again at the end of the season in the three-team Divisional meet.

Arrival time on Saturday is 6:10am at our pool. For more details, see below,

Don't forget that Individual Photos will be taken on Monday, May 21, during your regular practice time. Practice will also be held so I recommend arrive 15-20 minutes before your practice starts. More information is below.

You can email me at board@wbarmada.org. Looking forward to another fun and rewarding season!

 Coach's Corner           by Alex Fedorov, Head Coach

This has been an excellent week of practice and things seem to be running smoothly, thanks to an exceptional assistant coaching staff. I am very proud of all the swimmers and coaches as the Armada Swim Team is off to a great start and a great first meet.

I saw a number of great swims and many areas of potential improvement. As a whole, our team looks very strong as we had a number of swimmers surpass the time standards necessary to qualify for invitationals. I saw a great many more swimmers very close to qualifying for invitationals. As we move forward, I am looking forward to seeing time improvements and better swimming.

I would like to thank the number of parents that have welcomed me to the program. I am feeling very much a part of this family and look forward to our first scored meet coming up this Saturday. Go Armada!

Coach Alex

 Volunteer Spot            by Jeannie Boylan, Volunteer Coordinator

Hi Parents!
I want to thank everyone for a great practice meet on Saturday! I had a really good time and hope you did, too! Overall, everyone did a great job. It was wonderful to see the returning parents helping out the newbies, getting them up-to-speed on how things operate at meets. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Just a couple of things to make things run even more smoothly…

Please remember to sign up for a volunteer position when you register your child(ren) for the next meet. Positions are filled in a first-come-first-served basis and I will not change the position you signed up for without contacting you. So if you sign up for a position, that is what you will do at the meet unless you hear differently from me.

If you try to sign up for something and all the positions open to you are full, please let me know. As I have said, ALL positions have to be filled in order to run the meets successfully, so I will assign you somewhere else. We are working with a new system for volunteering and I’m still working out the bugs. Please bear with me.

Additionally, volunteer positions in both halves of the meet need to be covered. If your child(ren) swim in the second half of the meet, you are expected to volunteer in the second half, as well, if necessary. I can certainly understand you wanting to go home as soon as your children finish swimming (I would like to, as well), but we have to consider that this is a team. We all need to pitch in and help the team succeed.

Another thing that would help a lot is that if you see something that needs to be done, please just do it. Things as simple as picking up trash, helping with set up in the morning or tearing down after the meets are extremely helpful!

I appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility when it comes to volunteering assignments. Thanks again for everything you do and I look forward to our first competitive meet on Saturday, May 26th!

As always, if you have any questions or need to let me know anything, please contact me at volunteers@wbarmada.org.

Thank you for your help!!!

 Practice Schedule     

We have assigned each swimmer to a specific practice time. Schedules were emailed to each family. Swimmers must swim at their appointed time.

If you have a question about your practice time or did not receive the schedule, please email Paul Wadehra.

Monday May 7 - Tuesday May 31:    Practices are held Monday - Friday
Practice 1 4:25 - 5:15 pm
Practice 2 5:10 - 5:50 pm
Practice 3 5:45 - 6:40 pm
Practice 4 6:35 - 7:30 pm
Practice 5 7:10 - 8:30 pm

Morning practices are not in the same sequence as the afternoon practices. Be sure and look for your child's name in the email you received for which practice he/she is in.

Monday June 1 - Monday, July 9:    Practices are held Monday - Friday
Practice 1 7:15 - 8:35 am
Practice 2 8:25- 9:10 am
Practice 3 9:05-9:55
Practice 4 9:50 - 10:45 am
Practice 5 10:40 - 11:35 am

Rain/Bad Weather:
In case of weather changes, please have a back-up plan for your swimmer (bike riders, walkers, etc). Everyone must be out of the water during a thunderstorm and if lightning is seen. Swim practice may continue if it is only raining and the coaches feel practice will be beneficial. If in doubt, you can call the pool and ask the lifeguard if swim practice is on. If the weather changes quickly, and the swimmers must get out of the pool, a coach will remain with them until everyone is picked up. The telephone number to the pool office is 512-310-1833.

 On-line Meet Entry - OME     

We have a new way of registering to participate in swim meets. Each swimmer is expected to follow these procedures for each meet - even if they are not participating in the meet.

Deadline for May 26 meet against Steiner Ranch is MONDAY (5/21) by NOON.

Please login to https://wellsbranch.swimtopia.com/swim_meets - click on the name of the meet you want to register for.

Click here for Tutorial on using OME (online meet entry)

Special Requests and Scratches:
The software does not yet allow a way for you to send the coaches notes or event requests about the meet. If you have a request about event entries, please email mindy@swimweb.org.

Once we close the meet online, email mindy@swimweb.org if you have to scratch. You can send Mindy a text message Friday and Saturday morning 512-658-0843. You can call Paul at 512-659-1373 AFTER 5:30 a.m. Saturday or BEFORE 9 p.m. Friday night.

 Steiner Ranch Blue Meet - May 26 - home   

Be sure to enter by noon Monday - May 21 using our OME system.

This is a home meet for us and a great way to start our dual meet season. We want as many swimmers as possible to participate in the dual meets because each swimmer is important to the team. Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted and do the strokes legally to participate.

Relays are chosen by the coaches and we try to have as many swimmers as possible participate. Please recognize that if a swimmers signs up for a meet and then does not participate on Saturday, it may result in our having to scratch that relay team from the meet.

Please arrive on time. Late arrival could result in your swimmer being scratched from their relay.

Scratch: Once we close the meet online, email mindy@swimweb.org if you have to scratch. You can send Mindy a text message Friday and Saturday morning 512-658-0843. You can call Paul at 512-659-1373 AFTER 5:30 a.m. Saturday or BEFORE 9 p.m. Friday night.

Key Information
Location Willow Bend Pool
Arrive 6:10 am
WBA Warm Ups 6:25 to 6:55
SRB Warm Ups 6:55 to 7:25
Meet Starts 7:30 am
Snackbar Donations requested from ages 9-10
Theme Hawaiian Day
Meet Set-up
Friday, May 25 at 6:30 pm
Meet setup will start at 6:30 pm for this meet. We must move all tables and chairs and put out ready benches, ropes and the announcer tables. If you signed up as part of the setup team for your volunteer assignment, or if you'd like to lend an extra hand, please be at the pool then.
The morning of the meet, we need help setting up pop-up tents around the pool. We appreciate all the help we can get putting these tents up and taking them down at the end of the day.
Clean Up
We ask everyone to clean up the pit and pool areas before they leave. We must return the pool area to its original condition. the more people who help, the sooner everyone can leave. Pit parents should not release swimmers until their area is restored.

At a home meet, Armada families park in the unpaved lot across the street from the pool, leaving the lot adjacent to the pool for our guest team. Please follow instructions from the parking attendants for everyone's safety. Drive slowly and watch for people crossing the street.
Please respect the "no parking" signs where posted.

 Gold Medal Winners     

These WBA swimmers excelled by placing first in one, two, three, or four individual events at the Red, White, and Blue practice meet held May 19.

Single Winners Double Winners Triple Winners Quadruple Winners
Abby Jahnke Alyssa Grunloh Jake Tolfa Arwen Harris
Alix Gavin Andrew Ulcak Darren Waworuntu
Caleb Jahnke Belinda Chang Demi Waworuntu
Delaney Quinn Faith Larimore Efaine Chang
Ethan Wu Heather Wu Logan O'Reilly
Janelle Patterson Tucker Lewis
Max Uribe
William Lunsford
Zach Finch

 Photos:   Individual - May 21

The individual photos will be Monday, June 21 during your regular practice time. You may put your children together in a single photo if you wish. We suggest you arrive 15-20 minutes before the start of your practice time to get your full practice in. Click here for all of your picture day information.

 WBA Concession Stand and Donation Schedule

Concession Stand: The concession stand normally accepts cash only. However, they will be selling $10 "cash cards" that can be purchased by check.

This year, our concession menu is being expanded. They will be cooking breakfast tacos on site and have added turkey wraps and chicken tacos to the lunch menu.. They will also have pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, sausage wraps, hamburgers and cheese burgers. YUM!

Donations: We ask that parents make a donation of homemade baked goods or cut-up fruit to the concession stand for sale during our home swim meets. Some ideas are muffins, cookies, and fruit that is cut up and placed in containers such as plastic cups with clear wrap on top. Please remember it will be hot outside and you don't want to donate anything that will melt - like chocolate chips, frosting, etc.

May 26 Steiner Ranch Blue 9-10
June 2 Pflugerville 11-12
July 9 Forest North 7-8
June 23 Tidal Waves 6 and under
June 30 Time Trials 13-14
July 4 Wells Branch Parade All Ages: Bring Candy to Throw

 WBA Swim Shop     

The Swim Shop will be open during swim meets.

Come and take a look at our swimmer gear bags -- they are just the thing to use to keep your swimmer's belongings together at swim meets - Only $15!

  • Team swim bags - $15
  • Team Resort Towels - $18
  • Parent Support Team Shirts - $17
  • Parent Tie-Dye - $15
  • Team Silicone caps - $10
  • Lane 4 Team Swim Suits
  • Goggles - assortment

 Swim Meet Tips and Checklist

Here are a few important tips to make your swim meet experience successful:

tips Be on time. At the beginning of the meet the coaches will make changes to relay events if there are swimmers that are absent or missing. It is important that swimmers check-in with their pit parent to avoid being scratched from any relay event.
tips Bring nutritious snacks. The swim meets begin very early in the morning and last until noon or later. Please pack healthy snacks for your swimmers to eat such as, fresh fruit, bagels, crackers, water, sports drinks etc. We make an attempt to offer healthy items at the concession stand.
tips Pack appropriate supplies.Towels, sunscreen, goggles, etc - See checklist below...
tips Swimmers should stay in their pit areas The Pit Parents are responsible for watching the swimmers in the pit area and getting them to the ready bench when it is time for their event. If your child is going somewhere with you, please let the pit parents know.
tips MARK EVERYTHING! Please write your child's name on ALL belongings. At the meet, you will be dozens of identical t-shirts, caps, goggles - plus similar towels, flip flips, sunscreen. Don't forget to mark any electronic games - they get mixed up!

Checklist 2 towels Checklist water or sport's drinks
Checklist blanket to sit on in pit area Checklist nutritious snacks
Checklist warm clothes for after warm-up in early a.m. Checklist Quiet activities to keep them occupied in the pit area between races
Checklist Swim cap Checklist sunblock
Checklist goggles Checklist Parents: Bring a chair, wear a hat, apply sunblock!

 Swim-a-thon:   Donations are needed for silent auction

Our annual Swim-a-thon & Silent Auction will be held Tuesday, June12. This is our primary fundraiser for the year and the funds raised help us keep our registration fees low and help us purchase needed equipment.

We are asking for donations of goods or services or gift certificates that we can auction off during the event. We are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and donations are tax decuctible.

Please contact Mary Hale at 789-3903 or email her at mjhale@austin.rr.com. She has letters you can distribute to area businesses.

 Longhorn Aquatics Elite Invite - June 1-3  

An invitation-only swim meet, the event will feature some of the world’s best swimmers including 16-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and lifetime Longhorn and four-time Olympic medalist Brendan Hansen. With Phelps set to retire after the Olympics, this may be your last opportunity to see him swim in person.

This warm-up for the 2012 Olympic Trials will also feature swimming stars Missy Franklin, Garrett Weber-Gale, Amanda Weir, Kathleen Hersey and Allison Schmitt. UT swimmers such as Round Rock's Dax Hill, Jimmy Feigen and Nick D'Innocenzo will be competing as they make their final push before Olympic Trials.

The UT Swim Center is located on the University of Texas Campus, 1900 Robert Dedman Drive, one block west of I-35 on the northwest corner of the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Red River Street.

Tickets to the Longhorn Aquatics Elite Invite are available online through the Longhorn Aquatics Store: http://www.utexas.edu/longhornaquatics/store/
Click here for meet information

 Swim Team Night at RR Express Baseball - Wed, June 20  

Each season, the Round Rock Express Baseball Team honors local swimmers at "Swim Team Night".

They offer all swimmers in the area half-price tickets and give host a pre-game parade around the field.

We purchase the tickets as a team so that those that choose to sit in the reserved seats can all sit together. Other options than many choose are the Home Run Porch or the lawn seating. If you know your (older) swimmer is going to wander around the whole game, the lawn seating ticket is a great option for $3!

Swimmers wanting to participate in the parade should line up under the jumbotron at 6 p.m. - Otherwise, the game start at 7:05 pm

Order forms have been placed in your family folder. There are extra in the board/coaches filebox. Please respond with payment by Friday, June 8.

 2012 Team Sponsors:
  These businesses and individuals have given money and/or services to support our team
Wells Branch MUD
Papa Murphy's Take 'N Bake Pizza
Knight Office Solutions
INKA Chicken
AquaTex Swim Team
ArmBrust & Brown
Carmina Eaton/State Farm
Wells Branch Community Church
The Boylan Family
Murfee Engineering Company, Inc
The Hale Family
Tammy DeWitt, Realtor
Sunbury Vet Clinic
New Construction Leads
Great Clips
Wells Branch Vision Care
Nitro Swimming
Lane 4 Swim Shop